Gabriel Bauman

Fastsize, LLC is currently trying to seek out Gabriel Bauman, a RoR
programmer who has been seen active on the RoR weblog. He goes by
gbauman sometimes.

Gabe Bauman on 13 Aug 19:53

Gabe, if you are reading this, please fill us in why you have not
contacted us in over a month for work you were paid for and did not

Thank you.

I wonder if he will feel guilty for stealing $8,000 USD and reply?

Fastsizellc wrote:

It's surprising to me that you would enter into a business arrangement
without having full contact information for the person.

It's even more surprising that you feel it's appropriate to air your
dirty laundry on a mailing list...

If you're serious about this, get a lawyer, contact the authorities,
whatever. But don't drag the rest of the community into your private


We had a working relationship for years, I've known him personally for
about 5.
He is in Canada, we are in the USA. A lawyer is fruitless. We already
send a "Demand" letter but he knows this has no validity and ignored

I believe its IMPORTANT to notify the community of a scammer. This
simply helps protect the interestes of honest programmers and lets them
know who to avoid doing business with.

We also had a mailing address, home phone, cell phone, and several
email addresses.

I appreciate your questions/comments. My answers were sufficient.

A company I once worked at had a number of ‘core values’ that we would all have to read before each meeting. I hated it. One of the ‘values’ was the phrase “Assume positive intent”.

So, here you are in a private community slamming someone, airing very private information about them and your agreement with them in a public forum. You say you’ve had a relationship with the guy for 5 years, but suddenly you can’t get hold of him. Have you considered that someting might be wrong? Perhaps he’s had a breakdown, an accident, or suffered some serious family emergency.

Although I don’t like to wish ill on people, I really hope that is the case with Gabriel and he sues you for defamation and libel far in excess of the 8000 you claim he should pay you back, oh and then publicizes it in a public forum like this one.

Just my opinion

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