**Full-time Ruby on Rails Programmer Job Opp in Nashville, TN**

Hello All,

My name is Lauren Wulf and I am a technical recruiter for Brooksouce in Nashville, TN. I have a client here in Nashville that is looking for a Full-time Ruby on Rails programmer. This client is in the healthcare industry and is working on some very innovative applications. Please take a look at the job description and feel free to send this to anyone that might be interested in a position in Nashville.

If anyone would like more informaiton about this position or is interested please contact me at 615-292-7543 or shoot me an email at lw...@brooksource.com.

Thanks, Lauren

Job Description: Our client needs a Ruby on Rails Programmer that has developed on Linux or MAC OS. They are going live with their EMR in February or March and are going to be losing one programmer at the beginning of January due to family issues. They are an Agile XP shop and do some paired programming, so this person must be open to that. Also, eventually this programmer should feel comfortable enough to run with things on their own and work off an IRC server. Most of the programmers work from home a few days a week and just VPN in so that is a nice perk down the road too.

Internet Explorer exp is good but Firefox is great. These programmers must be able to take projects and run with them and manage their timelines. This is a crucial time for them so that is important. Previous Design experience and any exposure to Subversion Source control would be a huge bonus.

This job entails the designing, building, deployment and maintenance of an enterprise-wide Electronic Clinical Record (ECR), which is web- based and deployable against three different databases: Oracle 9i, Microsoft's SQLServer, and Postgres 8. This will require knowledge of developing procedures and triggers within one or more of these three database environments. Experience developing both unit tests and functional tests in a web environment is a plus. This position requires a high degree of creativity, not in web-page design, but in developing and debugging 3-tier web applications working in a group context. Being a skilled communicator written and verbal is a necessity. The ability to interpret and translate user requirements requests into sound code and modules is a must. The ability to work comfortably within tight deadlines is important. This job requires a team player with good social skills and personal habits. This person will work under the direction of the Project Manager, and will report directly to the Director of IS Application Development.

Minimum Degree Requirements: BA in Computer Science or a related field. (This may be waived with sufficient experience.) Previous Experience: 3 years related to programming in a web environment. Primary Language Skills: Ruby, AJAX, and Javascript. Development Environment: RAILS. Database Knowledge: SQLServer, or Oracle 9i (or 10g), and/or Postgres 8 (not all three!). Additional Demonstrated Skills: any of PERL, C or C++, PHP, Apache 2.0, or Lighttpd and FastCGI.. Knowledge of Subversion for code maintenance is a plus. Any experience in writing requirements definitions will be an added plus.

Much better than the "Be a Ruby Rockstar" post by another company. At least your offer was more professional than the other spam that appears here.... lol

I think everyone here will have 3 jobs lined up by the end of the night :slight_smile: