Other than sounding vaguely offensive, _fu (as a suffix) means nothing
to me. Could someone clue me in?


Kung fu, Shaq fu, wiki fu, code fu...

It's a "back formation" in fancy pants linguistic terms:


a construction popularized Way Back When -- that's before "Back In
The Day", for the youngsters on the list :slight_smile: -- by Joe Bob Briggs,
"drive-in movie critic extraordinaire", in his B-movie reviews -- see
examples at <http://www.joebobbriggs.com/>


Thanks, guys - I would never have figured that out. And how would
someone? "The meaning of _fu in Rails code" isn't something you can
easily google.


I guess other things in Rails, such as “acts_as_taggable_on_steroids” are a bit ambiguous also. What does the “on_steroids” mean to somebody who’s reading it for the first time? Rails is designed to be human readable, but the names the humans give to some of their classes/methods/plugins/applications are not human-readable and do not explain themselves in a name, for example, http://beanstalkapp.com/. But we have to give “imaginative” names to things because all the proper names are taken by those bastards The Domain Campers.