Front-End Web Application Engineer - Seattle, WA

About the Job: Front-End Web Application Engineer
Location: Seattle WA (Local candidates only)
Employment Type: Full-time
Compensation: Competitive FTE salary with early stage equity

We need people that are smart, creative, funny and technology driven.
Help shape the way people play online. We are looking for a Front-End
Web Application Engineer with a track record and passion for
developing pixel perfect implementations that are slick, polished and
highly responsive.

This position will work with our world class team to develop and
review specs and requirements from both internal and external sources.
You will develop core rich media web application framework to support
“episodic” experiences that mix editorial rich content with user
contributed content.

- Experience using modern jQuery, AJAX libraries like Dojo, Django,
lazslo, Closure and Ruby/Python/C/C++/Apache/Linux server side
- 3+ years building and designing web applications with live
reviewable examples
- A strong understanding of user recruitment, capture, activity and
optimal web flows for subscription, registration, payment, search and
browsing activities
- A degree in computer science or related discipline is required.

- Experience with best practices for cutting up and styling layouts -
bonus points for CSS3 and AJAX experience
- Ability to accurately translate even minute details of a design to
code that work in all major browsers and major platforms. Having
excellent design skills is a bonus
-Strong written and verbal communication skills and ability to work on
multiple related projects simultaneously

Additional responsibilities:
- Implement designs from Photoshop/HTMLS/Spec into high quality HTML/
CSS/jscript at warp speed upon existing templates or from scratch,
when necessary
- Fulfill requests from product management, support and through direct
feedback regarding bugs, experience enhancement, additional features
and follow on episode planning
- Producing clean, unit tested, high quality, standard compliant code,
and generating clean requirements for scalable RESTFUL API/back end
SQL and Cloud based object and database systems

Benefits and Perks:
● Our jobs are really fun. Seriously.
● We don’t offer any medical, dental or vision. But we will share our
expertise on how to pay for health care on your own that’s better than
what a small start-up like ourselves can offer.
● Stock options aren’t worth anything yet but have the potential to
make you really rich someday.
● We have very few office supplies and zero free soft drinks.
● BUT we don’t work crazy hours and we get to enjoy time with our
families as much as we enjoy watching viral videos.

Send resume to No recruiters please.