From RailsConf: New Open Source Gems to manage large Rails "eco-systems"

Dear All -   At the end of our RailsConf Speech on how we built a maintainable yet complex rails system (slides here:, there was a large demand for us to open source our methods.

As such, we are pleased to announce eco_apps 0.1. (http://

What it does: eco_apps allow you to develop an application ecosystem - many apps that behave as one system to the end user. Based on the techniques outlined in our RailsConf presentation, we've found this to be a more efficient (and happier!) way to develop a large "system".

Our first version is just the bare essentials: it supports each app to "discover" each other and has the core functions for inter-app data sharing according to the principles we've found work (see documentation).

In the coming weeks we'll be releasing much of the rest of what is outlined in our RailsConf PPT View side helpers, SSO, services and so on. We'll also put together a screencast or two.

But, in the meantime, we look forward to your feedback/questions.

Happy Coding!

Idapted Tech Team