Friendly_id and Rake problem.

Hello there,

The plugin friendly_id ( has rake
tasks that you can call.

I'm using this plugin as a gem.

I'm trying this: rake friendly_id:make_slugs MODEL=Post
and it is rising this error: Don't know how to build task

So the question is: how do I call a gem's rake task?

David Sousa

Taken directly from the README.rdoc that is part of the installed

  sudo gem install friendly_id
  cd my_app
  script/generate friendly_id
  rake db:migrate

Here's how to see the documentation for installed gems on your system.

1) create an executable file named "gem_server.rb" that contains

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'rubygems/server'

gem_server = Gem.dir, 8089, false
puts gem_server.inspect

2) run: gem_server.rb &

3) browse to: localhost:8089

Hi Rick,

thanks for the replay, but you did not understand my problem.
I'll try to be more clear now.

I'm using friendly_id as a GEM, and it is working perfectly.
Because my application already has some data, I would like to generate
slugs for the post that have been created already. So that is why I
wanna to execute that rake task.

I can see that the rake task is defined at lib/tasks/friendly_id.rake,
but how do I call that rake task in my application?

Any way thanks for the hint, I did not know how to browser the already
installed gems' documentation.

David Sousa

Rick Lloyd wrote:

I was looking into this ticket ( ) and found out
that this is a problem that every gem faces.

If someone knows a stable solution, pleas contact me.


David Sousa