Format for getting time to display as 8:30 PM not 08:30 PM?

Is there a strftime format I'm missing that would get a time to
display as 8:30 PM instead of 08:30 PM? Using @mytime.strftime(" %I:%M
%p") gives me a display like 08:30 PM, but I'd like it to show as h:mm
and not hh:mm for times earlier than 10:00. Thanks.

I guess it's fairly popular:


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Time#strftime uses the platform function with the same name, this
might be platform dependent but on both OSX and Ubuntu linux,

@mytime.strftime("%l:%M %p") #=> " 8:30 pm"

Note that that first format character is a lowercase L not an uppercase I.

Also lowercase k will do the same thing but use military time.

Note that this suppresses the leading zero, but does put a blank in
it's place. If you really want to get write of the leading blank,
just do:

@mytime.strftime("%l:%M %p").strip

Rick DeNatale wrote:

That works on the Windows system I'm developing on as well as my Linux
host. Thanks!

@mytime.strftime("%I:%M %p") alone didn't show the hour at all on a
Windows system.