form_for help needed

I tried this again with scaffold. When the validation is triggered,
Chrome executes index action at the background (right click your browser
and view source).

I guess, we have to assume that the http verb being used by chrome
appear to be 'GET' rather than 'POST'.

Has anyone encountered similar issue?. How did you resolve this?. If
not, can it be ignored?

To reproduce, do the following

You shouldn't have to assume anything. I haven't used Chrome but it's
difficult to believe that there aren't tools equivalent to Firebug, Live
Http Headers, etc. to assist developers targeting that platform. If
there aren't, then I personally wouldn't waste time developing for it.
At a minimum, using Mongrel as your server, your log file will tell you
the http verbs being used for each request.


The nightly PPA Chrome builds do provide some fairly decent developer tools.

Page Button -> Developer -> Developer Tools.