Forcing specific controllers to load at startup


I've got a problem that's been nagging at me for about a year now. Every now and again I end up being burned by it. I've never seen mention of it, and I can't find anything using google (wrong words maybe).

Anyway. Say you have some data specifically related to a controller that you want initialised. Ideally this data would be specified in that controller. Now let's say that other controller/views that provide links to the first controller need to know this information to act rationally. The trouble is that the first controller is not loaded until a user does something that requires it.

I have been unsuccessful at getting the controller to load through any coding 'action'. Makes me think I haven't come across the way that works.

No luck with require_dependency... it leaves constants unexpectedly defined.

I have ended up sending an HTTP request at start up to the controller. This works, but surely there's a better way?