for loops -- for months use i in 1...13 ???

Sam Woodard wrote:

I use a a for loop to populate an array of months each element
containing another array of days in that particular month. For examply
months[1][0] would be february 1st for whatever year it is. If I
populate the array @months using for i in 1...12 it does not include
December in the output when I do:

<% for month in @months %>
<% for day in month %>
...output here...

However, when I populate @months usins for i in 1...13, it includes
december? Did somebody add another calendar month that I don't know
about, does for do everything accept the last number in the list, or is
something else going on here???

LOL (no insults intended)...

Actually array indices start at 0. So months[0] will give you Jan.