For any serious activist coder in the group

Please contact me if a) you’re senior level and have done at least one web-based app, b) are strongly intrigued by what you read and view in our FightBackWisely (aka WinWisely) backgorunder, c) realize activism is the rent we should be paying to live on this glorious planet and d) are therefore passionate to use your talent to either help save what is still saveable of mother nature and/or overthrow the control of our country by arguably the most dangerous organization in the history of the planet.

We are a nonprofit open source project and expect to be able to pay at least half market rate to the two coders we will need on the project. We already have a clickable demo getting rave feedback from our expected user groups.

If you can take 5min more to comment re each of the a-d items, I’d be grateful.

I am also, fyi, the chief cofounder and CIO for an already successful ruby-based Internet startup that is the first and best in the health2.0 space for helping couples save, revitalize, and enrich their relationships.