Follow-Up: Receiving Inbound Email and Creating Data in


Thanks, I will probably end up with backgroundrb, which I have used in other situations with good results. I have just been trying to toy around and find something that would work and be a little more simple.

Thanks to all for the help. Julien, post a followup with you results if time allows.

Thanks, Nathan

One suggestion:['ALL']).each do |message_id|         msg = imap.fetch(message_id,'RFC822')[0].attr['RFC822']         envelope = imap.fetch(message_id, "ENVELOPE") [0].attr["ENVELOPE"]         Mailman.receive(msg)         #Mark message as deleted and it will be removed from storage when user session closd, "+FLAGS", [:Deleted])       end

Then you shouldn't need to delete separately.

- Sai


Thanks, I will give this a try. I appreciate the help.