Flash Messages based on login session?

Hi guys,

I’m not sure how to start doing this, and I really hope I don’t sound very vague.

Is there any function/helper that can be used to send a string containing a message to a user to display upon his (gender neutral) next login? I’m currently using AuthLogic, and I’m not sure if there’s any other way to do this other than storing that message into the database and then retrieving it. (since its only gonna be displayed once).

I think the closest way for me to describe it, is like a flash message but for next login.

Thanks again.

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I’m not aware of any features that would do that automatically. I would think your best bet would be to just store those messages for next time in the database.

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You are going to have to store it somewhere, assuming that you cannot
determine it in some other way at the next login. The db seems like
the obvious place. Presumably in the user table if it is on a per
user basis. Alternatively, if it is an usual situation you could have
a messages table where Message belongs_to user, or has_many users if
the same message goes to a number of users.