Firedraw: World's First Ajax based Flow Diagramming Tool

Dear Friends, I m pleased to present Firedraw , World's First And Only Ajax based in-browser visual modeling tool. Currently it has options for drawing Flow Diagrams. Soon we will be incorporating UML and ERD drawing capabilities.

This is our second Beta Test release dated 16 Jan 08, first Beta Test release was deployed on 2 Jan 08. Since then, we have incorporated many suggestions being put by many kind friends at this talk. I hope of getting many more suggestions and assure of incorporating them at the earliest.

Your's Truly,

Deepak Kapoor CEO & CTO Ignited Minds

Might I suggest that you continue discussions about your pre-release product on a mailing list of your own? This separation will cut down on irrelevant traffic on this list and foster better discussion around your product.

I'm sure we would welcome a product announcement when FireDraw is finished and ready for production use, but until then this chatter is just creating more traffic in people's inboxes.