Finding about installed restful_authentication version

I'm not sure why you're asking...but here's a semi-useless answer.
The short of it? You've got to diff what you have with what's out
there (or know where you got it).

Unfortunately it doesn't look like the plugin has a version or
license file in it by default. So it depends on how you installed it.
Recently it moved to the ubiquitous github, there are several 'new'
versions up there. So if you either used git or downloaded directly
from there, you've got one of those 'recent' versions.
If however you did what I did and ran script/plugin install <URL>
then you probably got the latest svn version up on the technoweenie
site.You can figure out what version this is by going over to <URL>
with a browser and recording the version info (although the repository
contains "everything" so the version info changes even when there are
no changes to restful_authentication itself).

I think most everyone is just maintaining their own copy which is why
git is going to be more useful than svn (sure wish it'd been mercurial
instead...oh well, nothing quite like having 3 version control systems

Well it is a shame Rick didn't add a release date in the README file or
a CHANGELOG file, that would save me some time.

And yeah, I prefer Mercurial too. Anyway I already have subversion for
Textmate Bundles, so I can also install git...

I've been hacking at the restful_authentication plugin, and rick
merged some of the changes into the current master at
You're best to consider this a beta. It includes some minor security
tweaks and a hodgepodge of added stories and specs but hasn't been
widely tested.

The "classic" branch (the one that you're most likely to see
tutorials, etc on) is at

You can see the dates of all the changes in the git log: after you've
done the git clone, just do "git log" from the base of your checkout.
Any dates in the CHANGELOG would be a laborious incomplete non-DRY
version of that.

If you'd like to help test or hack at a the newer version please hit
me up at github or this email address.