find_by_sql not working

I have the following complex query:

locations = Location.find_by_sql("SELECT * FROM locations join mediaGeography on = mediaGeography.geoZip WHERE (((acos(sin(( #{coords["geoLAT"]} * pi()/180)) * sin(( mediaGeography.geoLAT * pi()/180)) + cos(( #{coords["geoLAT"]} * pi()/180)) * cos((mediaGeography.geoLAT * pi()/180)) * cos(((#{coords["geoLON"]} -mediaGeography.geoLON ) * pi()/180))))*180/pi())*60*1.1515) < #{ distance }")

Obviously messy. I *DO NOT* have a "mediaGeography" model but there is a table in my DB called "mediaGeography". Anyway this returns 0 "locations" when it should return 15. If I go to 'development.log' file and copy and paste the generated query there directly to mysql it does return the right number of columns, i.e. 15 and not 0.

Any ideas?

I have an idea. If you call a Model.connection.select_one("...")

before, do I need to call some kind of SQL close before moving on to the next query?

Nope. Does it make any difference if you change select * to select locations.* (on the off chance that you've got an attribute name there which clashes with an activerecord/ruby function ?