fields_for with accepts_nested_attributes: how to pass a value to a label

I can’t figure out how to pass a value from the following object build in the controller: class TimesheetsController < AC … def new @timesheet = now = #generating 7 time entries: monday through sunday (now.beginning_of_week…now.end_of_week).step { |date|; date) end end … In the Timesheet model I defined accepts_nested_attributes for time_entries association: class Timesheet < AR has_many :time_entries, :dependent: :destroy accepts_nested_attributes_for :time_entries, reject_if: proc { |attr| attr['worktime].blank? } end in the Timesheet ‘new’ page: <%= form_for @timesheet do |f|%> <%= f.label :status%> <%= f.text_field :status %> <%= fields_for :time_entries do | entry_form| %>

how to display at this place the needed workdate for every time entry ?

<%= entry_form.label, value: ??? %> <%= entry_form.text_field :worktime%> #worked time to be entered here as 0.5 or 1 day <% end%> <% end %

Thanks and regards