Fetching checkbox name from database

Hi all, I am new to this place and ruby on rails as well.

I am developing a web application where I have to create a form which
displays the checkboxes. The names of these checkboxes have to be
fetched from a database. Can some one help me out of this ?

<%= check_box :modelname, :attribute, options, on_value, off_value %>


check_box "post", "validated" # post.validated? returns 1 or 0
    <input type="checkbox" id="post_validate" name="post[validated]"
           value="1" checked="checked" />
    <input name="post[validated]" type="hidden" value="0" />

check_box "puppy", "gooddog", {}, "yes", "no"
    <input type="checkbox" id="puppy_gooddog" name="puppy[gooddog]"
value="yes" />
    <input name="puppy[gooddog]" type="hidden" value="no" />

Just use it..
If you can't understand, get back again

currently i am using this in my view, which makes it pretty hard
coded...can u suggest something else in place of it(which dynamically
fetches the checkbox names from a database)

Also, I want to use two databases(one for fetching the checkbox names,
and the other is for my application). Do I need to include some extra
code for it?


<% form_for :user do |form| %>

<legend>Enter Your Details</legend>

<label for="%parameter1">Parameter1:</label>
<%= form.check_box :parameter1 %>
<label for="%parameter2">Parameter2:</label>
<%= form.check_box :parameter2 %>
<label for="%parameter3">Parameter3:</label>
<%= form.check_box :parameter3 %>
<%= submit_tag "Subscribe!", :class => "submit" %>
<% end %>


some one please help me out. :frowning:

Anyone out there? please have a look at my query also. :frowning:

The doc for ActiveRecord::Base has a section titled
  "Connection to multiple databases in different models"

Perhaps that would be a good place to start :slight_smile: