Hello I am on a windows system trying to add ferret to my appliction
however it keeps complaining about invalid characters. This only
happens after a user uses some functionality that requires ferret. Here
is an example of the error:

compile error
./script/../config/../app/views/job_tracker/estimates.rhtml:10: Invalid
char `\002' in expression

Thanks for the help

I used to see that with RMagick on windows… it’s probably some incompatibility between the Ruby interpreter and Ferret. Unfortunately I know of no solution other than to develop on Linux and hound the maintainers of Ferret to fix it :slight_smile:

That stinks, cos I was looking into Ferret for a project of mine.


this is a known problem that relates to tabs in rhtml. Search for ‘tabs’ and ‘parse errors’ on the mailing list. There was a similar issue with rmagick. There’s a way around this by using versions of ruby and ferret / rmagick that work together. You should be able to find many threads on this on the rails as well as on the ferret mailing list => (search through http://www.ruby-forum.com for example).

It’s a great library and there is no reason to drop thinking about it because of this nasty little prob…