[Feature Request] Cloud-based file store for schema cache read / write

I am interested in exploring a feature for schema cache to read and write from a centralized cloud file store or cache rather than a local file.

Currently, schema cache reads and writes from a YML file stored on disk. The shortcoming here is that most implementations in a dynamic cloud infrastructure setup, with a lot of VMs (main use case for schema cache), will require additional work to get that file from somewhere centralized onto the disk of each VM.

Examples could be:

  • Reading the file from S3 / GCS and writing to disk
  • Mounting the file from a Kubernetes ConfigMap as a volume mount
  • Reading the data from a key/value store such as Redis

Ideally, Rails could do this automatically for the user - or at least provide a way to “hook in” and let the application author implement the read / write logic with their centralized file store of choice.

Is this something that Rails core team would be interested in?