Feature: date grouping with proper time zone

I’m not sure if this fits in Rails’ core but since I spent sometime trying to solve a problem and couldn’t find any solution, I decided to share this method I’ve created to extend ActiveRecord::Relation.

Here’s a Gist of it: https://gist.github.com/leods92/7164159

The problem is that when we try grouping timestamps by date, SQL returns unexpected results as it’s not aware of time zones.

Rails though is aware of them so I believe it should be used to handle this issue properly.

By using #group_date one can get any set of records grouped by date from a timestamp column.

This is very common to generate statistics.

What do you guys think of it?

Have you ever stumbled on a similar problem?

How have you dealt with it?

I have run into that problem multiple times, and I have used this gem to deal with it: https://github.com/ankane/groupdate

It only supports MySQL and PostgreSQL, so a solution that works across different databases would be welcome, in my view.