fastercsv of zip code and time zone made into hash

I have a csv of zip code and time zone like so.

array_zipcodes = 'ZIPCode,ZIPType,CityName,CityType,CountyName,CountyFIPS,StateName,StateAbbr,StateFIPS,MSACode,AreaCode,TimeZone,UTC,DST,Latitude,Longitude 00501,U,Holtsville,D,Suffolk,36103,New York,NY, 36,5380,631,Eastern,-5.0,Y, 40.813078, -73.046388 00501,U,I R S Service Center,N,Suffolk,36103,New York,NY, 36,5380,631,Eastern,-5.0,Y, 40.813078, -73.046388 00544,U,Holtsville,D,Suffolk,36103,New York,NY, 36,5380,631,Eastern,-5.0,Y, 40.813223, -73.049288 00544,U,IRS Service Center,N,Suffolk,36103,New York,NY, 36,5380,631,Eastern,-5.0,Y, 40.813223, -73.049288'

I want a hash like

zip_to_UTC = [ 00501 => -5, 00544 => -5,]

Then I am interacting with salesforce API to grab customer data and figure out all their zip codes and put them through this to generate SQL update statement.

for your pleasure if you want to know how to grab salesforce data. I made my own hash for State to UTC offset, but I need it to be zip to UTC as that is more accurate. Any help very much appreciated.

require 'rubygems' require 'activerecord' require 'activesalesforce' require 'fastercsv' ## this is what I have so far.

FIELDS = [ "ZIPCode","UTC"]

csv_data ="5-digit Commercial.csv")

class Account < ActiveRecord::Base # end