Fair salary of Rails developers

We do placement of Rails developers through Quality Humans, Inc.

Quality Rails developers are currently earning high salaries, and those salaries are increasing steadily.

There is, from our perspective, a significant shortage of very well versed Rails developers.

Far fewer, in fact, than there are openings right now. I'm just waiting for companies to start offering leased BMWs as hiring incentives!

Sorry to speak in such general terms, but it makes little sense for me to be more specific.

The concept of "fairness" doesn't really apply to this subject in a free market economy.

It's fair if both sides agree, and if they don't, then there's nothing to discuss with respect to fairness. :slight_smile:

A well known shortage. I am not sure how you can quantify 'well versed'
(no of months? completed shipped products?) either. I haven't seen any
job postings requesting 2 years experience with Rails 1.2 yet, but that
is probably because I am not actively seeking employment.

I know that where I live (Ireland) there is almost no available developers
in Rails. Companies that would prefer to hire people living locally have
to outsource.

I don't expect that to change much either, Rail's well known productivity
bonuses have translated into some unusual side effects, like startups
going profitable in one year, or lowering the capital investment required
for IT startups in the first place. So there is going to be a lot of startups
hiring Rails developers for some time to come, and employment
prospects could be very good for good Rails developers as a result;
benefits, holidays, flexible working or working from home etc.

The public aspect of Rails development (web sites) means that there is
more transparency to your achievements too.