fail an url for edit

Hello everybody,

I have a nested form and it works perfect, and then when i want to
show the fields from the nested form fail. And the navigator displays:

edit_member_responsible_url failed to generate from
{:controller=>"member/responsibles", :action=>"edit", :id=>nil},
expected: {:controller=>"member/responsibles", :action=>"edit"}, diff:

The code is:

the view for the nested forms.

<% form_for :profile, :url => member_profile_path(@profile), :html =>
{:method => :put, :multipart=>true} do |f| -%>

  <% f.fields_for :responsibles do |responsible_form| %>

        <div class="actions">
          <%= submit_tag
I18n.t('tog_social.profiles.member.update_profile'), {:accesskey =>
"s", :class=>"button mainaction"} %>

  <% end -%>
<% end -%>

the view after submit the forms:

<%@responsibles.each do |r|%>
          <p><b>Nombre:</b> <%= r.responsible_name %></p>

          <p><b>Email:</b> <%= r.responsible_email %></p>

          <p><b>Teléfono:</b> <%= r.responsible_tlf %></p>

        <%= link_to I18n.t(''),
edit_member_responsible_path(@responsible) %>

          <hr class="wide" />
      <% end%>

So the error is in the link to edit a responsible. And in the
controller i have:

class Member::ResponsiblesController < Member::BaseController

  def edit
    @responsible =

  def update
    flash[:ok] =
    redirect_to profile_path(profile)


and in the routes.rb

namespace(:member) do |member|
  member.resources :profiles
  member.resources :responsibles

So what is the problem?

thanks and apologize me.