Facebooker cannot post event

I'm trying to do it with this code:

  def create_event(options={})
    options.assert_valid_keys(:uid, :event)
    session = create_session
    event = options[:event]
    # Note: The start_time and end_time are the times that were input by
the event creator,
    # converted to UTC after assuming that they were in Pacific time
(Daylight Savings or
    # Standard, depending on the date of the event), then converted into
Unix epoch time.
    # Basically this means for some reason facebook does not want to get
epoch timestamps
    # here, but rather something like epoch timestamp minus 7 or 8
hours, depeding on the
    # date. have fun!

thanks again for ur input,
i will give it a try and revert back to u.
hope everything gonna be fine.