Facebook feed post to user's wall & friends home page

Hey i am trying to implemet facebook feed post to user's facebook wall
functionality from my web application/website. i tried a lot but still
result less. Plz tell me which is the best way to implement facebook
feed post in user's profle. I am using facebooker.

I am working in rails 2.3.8 verison. install Facebooker Gem as i also
need to fconnect functionality.

1. Here is my dashboard controller ... after login through fconnect we
redirect user to "show" action of dashboard controller.

class DashboardsController < ApplicationController
#before_filter :login_required

layout 'index'

#--------- Creatting sub class ----------
class FacebookPublisher < Facebooker::Rails::Publisher

def publish_pg_template
one_line_story_template “{*actor*} created/updated: restro”
short_story_template "{*actor*} created/updated: <a
href=‘http://www.playgroundrus.com/playgrounds/1’> restro data! ",

def publish_pg(pg,facebook_session)
send_as :user_action
from facebook_session.user
data :actor => facebook_session.user.first_name
#--------- End sub class ----------

def show
@user = facebook_session.user