f.error_messages not replacing variables in production

I have ruby on rails app that I recently deployed to production from a
test environment. This is the first Rails app I've deployed to

I am using form_for and f.error_messages for displaying validation
errors. However when I pulled the code into my production environment
and I have validation errors instead of getting the nice messages I
receive locally and in test I get:

1 error prohibited this {{model}} from being saved

There were problems with the following fields:
{{attribute}} {{message}}

with none of the replacement variables replaced. Everything is
version controlled so I know there are no code differences. I used
rake rails:freeze:gems to package all of my libraries in the vendor/
folder of my app so as I understand there should be no differences

I am at a total loss.

I am using Rails 2.3.5

Anyone have any advice to offer?



Google suggests some possibilities, google for
rails error prohibited this model from being saved
Problems with internationalisation seem to be favourite.


Thanks Colin, once I had the write thing to search for on google I found it very quickly.

Thanks for your help.