Extreme Programming - Who knew????!!!!!!!


> My question, if your still with me, is who is doing XP in Buffalo, NY?
> John (Maxxx232)

You have a whole planet full of programmers at your disposal. Most of
us are not much to look at. Why would you want to limit your search to
just those very few who are willing to suffer the winters in Buffalo NY?

Because you can't do "proper" XP unless you're sitting in the same
room together.

It can be faked via IM/video conferencing and maybe some remote screen
sharing for pair programming, but it's generally considered not as

One technique that I have used with good success is to conduct
periodical "Show-and-tell" sessions. Held at least every two weeks,
they involve getting all interested business stakeholders and
programmers in a room, with each programmer getting up in turn and
demonstrating all the stuff they have been working on in the last
iteration. It is important to enforce one rule: the stakeholders are
allowed to ask clarification questions of the programmer, but not to
discuss the functionality either amongst themselves or with the
programmers - if they believe there is an issue with the
functionality, they flag this and move on. This prevents drawn-out
arguments over business functionality during the session. A
facilitator (possibly a project manager) needs to be present to
enforce the rule and note down all possible problems, to follow up
later with a smaller audience.