Exec format error during globalize plugin install

While trying to install the globalize plugin (website down? -- http://www.globalize-rails.org/globalize/) for Rails, all the files seem to be transferred and placed properly, but I get the following error when install.rb attempts to run:

Exec format error - rake -f C:/clients/MyClient/code/vendor/plugins/ globalize/../../../Rakefile globalize:upgrade_schema_to_1_dot_2 && exit 1

I see this same behavior when installing from both the Subversion and Git repositories.

I found a few references to similar problems on some of the Ruby mailing lists, but basically the responses were all, "Go find a Rails list."

First of all, what's the meaning of this type of error and does anyone know what I can do to get past this?

Environment for development looks like: Windows XP, Ruby 1.8.6, rake 0.8.1, Rails 2.1 RC1.

Many thanks for any wisdom offered!

OK, so I fired up a Debian instance in VMWare and was able to install the plugin with no issues, so it seems to be an issue specific to the platform. Will post for the record as soon as I find out what specifically is going wrong.

OK, so the plugin installation can be completed by running the rake task indicated in the install.rb file by hand. For some reason it doesn't seem to like the "&&" notation used in the original, even though I've got cygwin running on my machine.

For the record, I also encountered a lot of problems getting the plugin to work as advertised after installation. The problems were well documented though and have to do with incompatibilities introduced by changes in Rails from 2.0.x to 2.1. It seems like the backlog of tickets for the plugin is somewhat stalled, but I was fortunate enough to find a fork of the project on Github (http:// github.com/rotuka/globalize/) that seems to have solved all these issues. So far it seems to work just fine, so I would suggest that to interested parties who need something that works out of the box.