Exciting Rails News!!! - amazing deployment option!

Tired of having deployment woes when running multiple rails
applications??? ...maintaining mongrel_clusters and all crap? Well here
is the solution :


SwitchPipe can:

    * automatically manage clusters of multiple applications, including
port number management
    * maintain and update application configurations "on the fly"
    * timeout any backend app instances that haven't been used for a
certain period of time
    * keep process and memory usage to a minimum, as backend app
clusters don't need to run constantly
    * adhere your personal choices for timeouts and maximum numbers of

its easy to use

I love the idea and a big thanks to Peter Cooper and presumably yourself
for putting together. However, it is very new and I am still skeptical
that it would be safe to use in production. Would you say that it is
production ready at this point?

You did this in three weeks? Amazing.

You did this in three weeks? Amazing.

It wasn't me!! it was Peter Cooper.