Euruko 2013 CfP

Euruko 2013 is taking place in Athens, Greece!

We are very excited to announce that Call for Proposals for EuRuKo 2013

is now open ( and you can send your proposals

until April 23rd! We have put a lot of effort in order to create a

selection process that will encourage submissions by everyone

irrespective of publicity, gender, race, domain, etc, guarantee a high

quality conference and at the same time be fun for all participants. The

process has been refined with feedback from the community and all the

details can be found at

So mark the dates and get engaged:

Submit your proposal! We are pretty sure that almost everyone has

something interesting to share!

Help refine the proposals: comment, suggest, criticise and show your

love :slight_smile:

Spread the news to the proper channels: your local ruby user groups,

your blog, your circles!

…and one last thing: you know how hard it is to find a ticket for

EuRuKo usually, right? They tend to sell out in seconds. Well, this

year, we are reserving a priority line for active participants in the

CfP process along some other goodies that may come later.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the party!