Europe mirror for the official Rails repository

Hey Rails devs,

We're in Slovenia (southern Europe) and sometimes we get very slow
speeds when pulling from the official Rails repository (GitHub). Speed
can drop down to under 20 KiB/s, and the top I've seen is around 300.

I've created a mirror on from which we get a constant ~450
KiB/s when pulling, which enables us to clone the whole repository in
around 40 seconds. Consequentially, updates are faster, too. This
speeds up some development and deployment tasks with vendored Rails
(the unreleased 2.2 version).

Like every other, the repository on is public and can be
used by anyone:

Clone URL: git://
Web URL:

Keep in mind that this mirror is not supported officially, and that
the service is BETA. Use at your own risk. We're using it
at our own benefit.

In short: this is the same Ruby on Rails code, just a different
location on the globe. The mirror is updated hourly.

# Mislav