Escape pipe symbol in textile table

This is not really a RoR specific question but i figured some of you might know the answer.

I'm trying to create a table in textile like this:


@.@|Any character except new line (\n)| . @(a|b)@|a or b|


As you can see, on the second row in the first column I need to ouput a pipe symbol(|). But obviously textile sees this as a column specifier for the table. I tried escaping like |(a==|==b)| and |(a|b) but none of the options give me the desired output.

Does anyone know how I can include a pipe symbol in a textile table?

Niek Bruins wrote:

bc.. >@.@|Any character except new line (\n)| >. @(a|b)@|a or b| bc.

Ignore the bc.. and bc. tags. I've put them there because I thought ruby-forum would interpret my textile table and convert to a HTML table.