Errors Getting Rails UJS Tests Running

Hello! I’m trying to run the Rails UJS test suite off of master - when I visit localhost:4567 though the QUnit tests only get through ~40 tests before stopping, with a multitude of Ajax failures resulting from an HTTP 500 response. I’m seeing the following every time a test hits the /echo endpoint:

Rack::Lint::LintError at /echo
rack.input #<StringIO:0x00007fa3bbe34a98> does not have ASCII-8BIT as its external encoding

I’m struggling to find more information on this error. I’m running Ruby 2.7 - since this is the master branch of Rails I’m guessing it’s an issue with my system but I’m not sure what I can do to fix it. Has anyone seen this before?

Could you run the following and paste the output?

gem info sinatra shotgun thin

Updating ruby made things work haha, not sure what was going on! All good now :slight_smile: