Error layout

Hi all,

I have created a form to insert new records (see "Selección_001.png")
with two mandatory fields ("name" and "surname") but if I try to insert
a blank record (so it is invalid) I get the two errors (that is correct)
but the page layout is modified (see "Selección_002.png"), which is not

As you can see "Name" label, "name" text box, "Surname" label, and
"surname" text box are moved each one to a new line (which is different
from to original layout)

I have tried to delete ALL css files on the folder but without success
("Selección_003.png"), the red color disappears but the layout is still
modified ;-(

Does anybody know what file I have to update to avoid this change in my




Using Firebug in Firefox you can inspect the css and see what is going
on. Also inspect the html and see what has changed there.


Thanks Colin!

The "issue" was on HTML code: each faulty HTML tag was being wrapped
inside a new <div>, so the default behavior was to start a new line.

I have added "display:inline-block" in the CSS class and everything is
working perfect now.