-%> Error in Windows

I use -%> all the time on Windows. I think I’ve seen this error before though when there are tabs in the .rhtml file.

If you convert these to spaces you might have some luck.


To be honest, I don’t know if it’s a difference with Linux since I don’t use it.

This was something that was pointed out to me, and I havn’t really seen
the need to undestand why it can’t use tabs it up to this point.
I just set my editor to use spaces instead of tabs and away I go.

Sorry I can’t be any more help to understanding why…

Caleb wrote:

Sure enough, I did a search and replace for tabs and replaced them with
spaces. Is this a difference in the way Linux and Windows encode/read
tab characters? If it isn't an encoding issue then this seems like a
ruby bug (since it works in one environment and not the other).

Any chance you're using RMagick or Ferret? These have been known to
cause Erb problems on Windows - specifically errors in your .rhtml
files claiming that you have invalid characters in your file. I
believe RMagick was just updated to fix this problem, but I don't know
about Ferret.


Unless I'm wrong (and I hope I am) the only fix applied to RMagick was
to compile it against Ruby 1.8.4-20 stable. Ferret is already compile
against this version so if using either of the two libraries you
should be using version 1.8.4-20 of One-Click Ruby. Details of the
problem are here;