Error at end of 5.0.0-RC2 install

On OS X Yosemite I get this message at the end of a Rails 5.0.0-RC2 upgrade:

GET,journey,multi_json,rack-cache,rack-mount,tilt 200 OK ERROR: Error installing rails:   conflicting dependencies activesupport (= 3.0.0) and activesupport (= 5.0.0.rc2)    Activated activesupport-5.0.0.rc2    which does not match conflicting dependency (= 3.0.0)

   Conflicting dependency chains:      rails (= 5.0.0.rc2), 5.0.0.rc2 activated, depends on      activesupport (= 5.0.0.rc2), 5.0.0.rc2 activated

   versus:      rails (= 5.0.0.rc2), 5.0.0.rc2 activated, depends on      sprockets-rails (>= 2.0.0), 2.0.0 activated, depends on      actionpack (>= 3.0), 3.0.0 activated, depends on      activesupport (= 3.0.0)

Nothing to update

Any ideas?


This issue seems to help you.