Error accessing db through model - Rails 2.2.2, MySql 5.1.30


I just installed Rails 2.2.2 on my box and MySql 5.1.30. Running a
simple <Model>.find(:all) gives me a bunch of errors - snippet below.
The only answer I have found in searching around is to go back to an
older version of MySql. Is there any way to fix this or do I really have
to revert the MySql version?


ArgumentError: NULL pointer given
        from (eval):3:in `each_hash'
        from (eval):3:in `all_hashes'
/connection_adapters/mysql_adapter.rb:564:in `select'

Thanks for your help.


Have you created the database and migrated?

Is it possible that you need to re-install the mysql gem? I think you
said you upgraded MySQL but you didn't say from what version. I know
the mysql gem includes a C component that hooks in to the MySQL
library, this might be the source of your problem.