energy usage web app

Hi all, need some advise.

I'm still new on RoR, I'm about to create a Web app that monitors energy consumption such as, electricity, water and waste.

User can input the datas manually and later on they can view the usages in a day, week, year and by selecting particular dates.

Where should I start and what part should I start. I'm still stuck on designing the database. But I already play around with chartkick a little bit.


I usually start by working out what are the key data objects that need to be represented in the database, and the associations between them (has_many, belongs_to etc). Possibly User, MeterReading for example, then build the system up from there. Make sure you write your tests as you go so that when you refactor things (as you surely will) the tests allow confidence that the refactoring is ok.


This document (getting started RoR) has many answers to your possible questions. It is best to start with Testing Rails Applications — Ruby on Rails Guides and - a little outdated but has many great examples there. Start with those, rest will follow :wink:

Sorry correct link is here Getting Started with Rails — Ruby on Rails Guides