Embedding a Widget

I build this widget: http://flicks.mochafoo.com/widget is the
temporary location for it at the moment, it might also be a little
slow since I am hosting it on dreamhost.

Anyhow, I built it using normal rails methods, I've got a view that
has some erb and some javascript it it for the ajax calls. I am also
using mootools for the sliding effects, although I will probably
revert back to scriptaculous for those.

The trouble I am having, is figuring out a way to let other people
embed something like this on their site, a remote site. (I know, it's
it pretty big, I wouldn't put it one my site, but I just do what I am
told to do). First I thought that I should have them embed a script
on their site, with <script> tags. But I am thinking that the markup
+ javascript might be a little hard to manage if I went that route. I
also think that something like an iframe on their site would be

I'm really kind of at a loss as to going about doing this, if anyone
on the list has had to do something like this before, or has any
suggestions, anything would REALLY be appreciated. I can even throw
you some "donation" in for you, via paypal, if desired. I'm just
running out of time, and pulling my hair out.