Embedding a form is lots of various place


I've been asked to put a 'contact us' form in many and various places
on our site. Initially, I proposed we simply link to the contact us
form, which is already handled by a model, view and controller, but
the users would like the form itself to appear. I can certainly
enclose the form in a partial, and include the partial, but then it
seems I have to update many and various controllers with code to
support the form loading, submission, and saving. It doesn't seem
very dry.

Another thought - I could build the contact form controller and
view(s) with no layout, and then include the URL to the contact form
wherever necessary via iframe. I think that would be workable, but
doesn't seem very rails-like.

Is there a rails idiom for including what I would term 'an unrelated
and self contained form' within some other model/view/controller ?

Thank you.