elationship between ruby on rails and html/css?

What is the relationship between ruby on rails and html/css?

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Please be more specific as to what you are looking for. The above question is so broad in scope that you might as well have asked “What is the relationship between the fingers and the hand?”


OK, you put HTML and CSS code into a file and name it something.html ,
save it and open in a browser and you see a beautiful web page.

HTML and CSS has no power to connect to databases, respond to Ajax
calls, create, modify and delete files. To do so we use a thing called
server side scripting language. The most popular server side scripts
are Perl (not used much today), PHP (most popular scripting as of
today) and Ruby (fast gaining popularity).

Ruby on Rails is a web development framework (written with Ruby) that
helps you to create HTML and CSS web pages. Though you mostly use Ruby
to program in Ruby on Rails, The final output is HTML, CSS and

Continuing with what Karthikeyan said , you will see a static beautiful page, like a MS word document it will always look the same as long as you dont edit it. If this was how gmail worked there would be a html document for each user and each action the user can do ( hundreds of millions), but that is not the case. Programed on the server side is not a fixed html document but instead there is the logic to build one on the fly when someone comes in to check their email, so , you only create one server side document and this creates a html document dynamically( on the fly) for each user and for each action that a user can do, that logic if programed if many different languages but ruby makes it easy and the rails framework is the one makes this easiest, and most productive.

Is that a homework question?


I know people that only used CMS all their life and they “develop” sites and sell projects constantly some of them have ask me this same question.

Thanks Karthikeyan and Radhames!
Alas, I wish it were a homework question - that would imply I'm still in
school to some extent (and school was awesome!!!) :wink:

+1000 points for a very helpful and kind answer. Thanks for keeping the tone of this list high.


Hi, to be honest being rude with beginners is unnecessary. Maybe he
has no idea where to start - and a mailing list can be a right place.

You can find all HTML standards here: http://www.w3schools.com
If you don't know where to start the best is try out everything
yourself and you will find that part which impresses you.

Rails is a framework which generates HTML. It communnicates with
Database so it's definitely not static like HTML itself. CSS if for
giving some styling and Rails also generates some CSS and enables you
to modify it as you wish. Later you can include great frameworks too
and you can avoid boring repetition of same tasks (like HAML, SCSS,
BluePrint, Compass).

Rails can be hard as starting point if you have no idea about HTML,
CSS, JavaScript. You can pick up everything on the way but it can take
much more time. Preferably you spend some time with these then you
restart studying a little bit of Ruby and then continue with Rails.
www.railstutoial.org This guy explains everything what's better to
know before starting, the first part will be very helpful for you.

Best wishes and hope you'll find your way!

You can find all HTML standards here: http://www.w3schools.com

Actually, the *real* standards are at http://w3.org ...

Hi, to be honest being rude with beginners is unnecessary. Maybe he
has no idea where to start - and a mailing list can be a right place.

I hope you are not suggesting that asking whether a question is
homework is being rude. It is a perfectly valid question and many
times questions like this are in fact homework. I hope the OP was not
offended by my asking, certainly no offence was intended.

I accept that you have not quoted me, so it should not be me that you
are referring to, but none of the replies that you have quoted look
rude either.


Having just graduated from college as a Programmer/Analyst, I can
certainly say there is no shortage of lazy students. One "peer" would
not spend more than five minutes on any problem before attempting to
either steal the answer from a classmate or get a tutor to do his own

Sorry to "steal" the thread, but had to throw in my $0.02.

And I second using railstutorial.org, I'm presently working through
the text myself and I like it.

don't worry - I'm not offended at all. I realize I'm a total beginner
and I'm ok with that. I'm currently working through a book and have
already managed to create a hideous but functional page! Thanks for the
helpful responses re: tutorials, and explaining the relationship btwn
Ruby/Rails and HTML/CSS. I just spent the last week learning html/css,
some basic ruby and now rails. I'm definitely still far far behind but
at least understand the concepts better, so I appreciate all the help so