Why doesn’t the elasticsearch github page say anything about having to install elasticsearch as a service on the host and that it should be running on port 9200 I google this farraday error and all results point to the elasticsearch service supposed to be running on 9200 So where’s this in the elasticsearch docs? I’m looking here: https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch-rails

Shouldn't you ask that of the page author(s)? Or submit a doc PR?

I have looked for the author’s email i couldn’t find it Where do i submit a doc PR? I can guess the R means request I dunno what the P means

PR stands for Pull Request -

Alternatively, you can submit issues on github as well. Perhaps it's
time to explore github a little more :slight_smile:

Good luck.

It works on my desktop, but not my laptop Could it be because my laptop has 2 network adapters, wireless and wired?

Huh, what? What doesn't work - github issues???

Hi Thanks Got it solved Just need to re-import my model