Editable Combo Box

Rails has exactly the same form elements as every other web based application. So the direct answer is no, because web forms don't provided them.

However, you're in luck! Rails has excellent support for AJAX through Prototype, which has an auto-completing text field, which should give you what you want. Maybe even better than what you want. And don't fret, it's pretty easy to use.

The only down side is that your page will then require JavaScript, so you'll either need to require JavaScript for your application or make sure your form will still function reasonably well without JavaScript.

There are several comboboxes around, one in Ext JS at http://extjs.com/ (which is compatible with Prototype/scriptaculous nowadays).

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Peter De Berdt

Right, I figured some would be available, It's just, unfortunately, not a standard HTML form element, so it would need to be done using AJAX/JS/DHTML style components.