EdgeRails and Gruff 0.2.8

Hi all!

I have a working Rails application running Rails 1.1.6 and using Gruff.

When I try to use EdgeRails by running

"rake rails:freeze:edge"

my app stops finding Gruff. On the first mention of Gruff code in the controller I get the following error:

uninitialized constant PeriodsController::Gruff

The line it fails on is

g = Gruff::Line.new(640)

Is this a known issue? Any help is greatly appreciated.

With kind regards, Uwe Kubosch Norway

Hi again!

Sorry to answer my own message, but I solved it by using

require 'gruff'

instead of

require_gem 'gruff'

Can anybody explain why require_gem does not work from EdgeRails?