E-commerce googlegroup announcement

Now is the time to get focused for you all who wants to participate in creating a big e-commerce solution in RoR, together or as a individual person. Let’s talk more on the list.


Welcome to the ActiveRails eCMS Google Group!

single goal with this list is to support Ruby on Rails developers that
intent to develop an e-commerce platform. It is not intended to support
how to make Active Scaffolds jump up and down or how to make Live
Search work for your blogging system. All posts and answers are
intended to speed up development for all you out there planning or
already building e-commerce solutions in RoR.

The reason I named the group ActiveRails eCMS?

am developing a e-commerce platform for some clients, it is going to be
a big project. When they are up and running I have intentions or
releasing the whole shebang as open source. This is why I named it
because it is my idea for the name for this open source software.

Think about this for a day or two

we all would take a part of a e-commerce system and create that as a
group, right here, right now and then publish that as open source for
anyone to use. How cool wouldn’t that be? I have all the best
intentions in doing so with this system as well as selling it for my
clients in Sweden.

The more the marrier!

Spread the word about this focusgroup to those you think might be interested in just talk shopping!