dynamic models and activerecord


I'm kinda new to rails, could someone point me in the right direction?

I have a load of model names sitting in a table. Given a loop through
those Model names, how do I call activerecord functions, like count,
on each iteration dynamically to display summary info in each link?

In my activescaffold helper I have the following code that generates
an error:

def tag_pivot_column(record)
  model = record.cube.gsub(/cube_/, 'tag_pivot_')
  model = model.singularize

  # error here. How do I call activerecord given my actual model name
is in the variable called "model"?
  num = model.count.to_s

  # I am testing the line below, that shows the number of records in
the link text
  link_to(model + " [" + num + "] ", "/" << record.cube.gsub(/cube_/,

    # original working line of code.
    # link_to(record.cube.gsub(/cube_/, 'tag_pivot_'), "/" <<
record.cube.gsub(/cube_/, 'tag_pivot_'))


'SomeClassName'.constantize should get you back the class



Thanks very much. this was extremely helpful !
This was exactly what I was looking for - it works beautifully.

For readers' reference - here is the working code, which I cleaned up
a little.

def tag_pivot_column(record)
  table = record.cube.gsub(/cube_/, 'tag_pivot_')
  model = table.singularize.camelize
  num = model.constantize.count.to_s
  link_to(table + " [rows=" + num + "] ", "/" << table)