Dynamic Config Plugin for Rails - recommendations??? (e.g. storing in database)

Wondering if there is an existing plugin/approach for config data that you want your application to be able to change? In other words a value/pair type configuration plugin that persists to the database.

Just a normal Model would be OK, however any neat tricks how to handle the fact that each parameter may be a different type? e.g. have a column in the model to hold the type & store value as a string? have a different column for each type but then any given parameter (or row in database terms) would populate only one of the columns?

i don't know of any plugins, but i did the same thing once for a
project of mine. i used your first alternative. my configuration model
had only two attributes: "name" and "value". i only saved strings. for
config this was sufficient.

I've used the rails-settings plugin before - very easy to use, and
settings as YAML, so they hold whatever datatype you put in.


--Matt Jones