Drag/Drop with Image Maps

Hi all,

Is it possible to use HTML area objects from an image map as droppables for a drag/drop interface? I want to get a different response depending on which part of an image I drop a draggable div object on. The context is creating an incident report form where injuries can be dragged onto a body sketch. I've tried this using the code below. However, the droppable is always identified as "front_head", the first area object, no matter which part of the image is dropped on. Has anyone managed to get this working successfully, or found a way to achieve a similar effect?

Many thanks, Adam

<%= image_tag "body_sketch_front.gif", :usemap => "#front" -%>

<map id="front_map" name="front">         <area id="front_head" shape="circle" coords="100,30,20" href="#" alt="head" title="head"></area>         <area id="front_torso" shape="rect" coords="70,70,120,150" href="#" title="torso"></area> </map>

<div id="injury_1" class="injury">punch</div> <div id="injury_2" class="injury">kick</div>

<div id="description"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">         $$(".injury").each(function(el){                 new Draggable(el,{revert:true});         })         $$('#front_map area').each(function(el){                 Droppables.add(el,{                         accept:'injury',                         onHover:function(drag,drop){                                 // Some function to let us know what's going on                                 $('description').innerHTML=drag.title + " on " + drop.title;                         },                         onDrop:function(drag, drop){                                 // Some function to respond to the dropped injury                                 alert("Dropped "+drag.id+"on"+el.id)                         }                 })         }) </script>