Drag and Drop without bugging the server...?

Hi All,

Is there an equivalent of "link_to_function" (instead of ":action")
when using "draggable_element"? Basically I need to drag and drop
some items and have it reflected locally without contacting the

My current setup is that I have two DIVs with various list items. I
have one full of items with domids "points[selected][name]" and
another div with domids "points[available][name]". I need to drag and
drop between them without consulting the server. Only on save do I
wish to bother the server.

I've watched all the RailsCasts on *similar* items, but it doesn't
seem to cover having a non-standard action (i.e. Helper Function)
triggered from a "draggable_element" method.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, you can do that. It’s called writing your own javascript code. The rails helpers are meant for interaction with Rails. If you want to do anything outside that little confined box, you’re better off writing your own custom javascript.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt